The glass through which we see the spirit's visual features is very important.  A small clear cognac or wine glass is good to use for this test.  The features we are looking for are: hue, color, intensity and body.  Hue can be appraised at the sides of the tasting glass.  Color and intensity could be detected by placing the glass in front of a white surface and looking at its center.  The spirits body can be perceived by slowly turning the glass and looking at the tequila sticking to the sides.ur paragraph here.

.Through out the many years of tequila production, there has definetly been an overall improvement in the quality of this spirit. Tequila Don Weber contain years of production experience to produce a smooth tasting tequila.  In order to saviour the true essence of a premium tequila, one must follow certain connoisseur guidelines. Here are the four important senses one must be aware of when tasting straight tequila:


To appreciate the full bouquet of a tequila, it is recommended to take a sip and let it rest in the mouth for about 20 seconds.  Let some air in and slowly move the tequila around the mouth, using the tounge to touch, taste and detect the various components of the spirit.



This sense is done in two steps, the first step is to smell the spirit without shaking the glass.  A tequila that has been standing still in a glass will give a certain aroma.  The second step is to slightly shake the glass and take another sniff.  Shaking the glass expands the tequila's full aromatic surface and lets us observe additional features.

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