Who we are:
Tequila Don Weber is a Mexican owned company located in the beautiful Highlands of Jalisco, México which focuses in the production, sales and exportation of Premium 100% Natural Blue Agave Artisanal Tequila. Our products are made from pure, natural Tequilana Weber Blue Agave and includes Tequila Blanco(double distilled), Reposado(aged 6-8months), Añejo(aged 16-18months) and Limited Edition Añejo(aged minimum 3yrs) all presented in handcrafted artisanal bottles.


Enviroment: To respect our surrounding natural green environment by not utilizing any chemicals or products that will cause any damage to our beautiful red earth, agave filled Highlands of Jalisco, México


We are committed in producing high quality premium tequila from selected natural Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves grown and cultivated only in the Highlands of Jalisco, México.  It is our goal and ambition to introduce our products to potential markets worldwide to offer a part of Mexican culture and history. 


Each culture has its own unique characteristics that make it different than any other in the world.  That is the beauty of this  world we live in, it is full of extraordinary people, cultures and landscapes.  Our vision is to share part of the Mexican culture and tradition to others by offering this national product which formed part of Mexican history.  

Suppliers: To work with local entities to stimulate the local economy and give  them opportunity to offer their products and services to the world

100% Blue Agave Natural Tequila 


​​Customers:To provide the best attention, communication and service to our  customers needs while respecting their cultural backgrounds and languages.

Employees: To provide a safe and respectful work environment and value the  opinion of each employee. 


Tequila Don Weber