Elaboracion Lenta Tradicional 

Las piñas se cortan manualmente en tercios o cuartos y luego se cocinan al vapor en hornos de ladrillo tradicionales durante tres días para que liberen el dulce jugo de agave.

Se necesitan 8 libras de agave azul para elaborar una botella de tequila.


100% Natural Premium Tequila

from the Highlands of

Jalisco, Mexico.

Young Tequilana Weber blue agaves (hijuelos) are removed from older agaves and planted separately to give room for them to grow. The Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico known for its abundance in rain and rich, nutrient red soil has been tested to be a better base to cultivate these young hijuelos.  For the next 8-10 years and with no pesticides and irrigation, these hijuelos will grow into mature 55-75kg blue weber agaves ready to be processed into premium tequila, using a

tequila producers tradition, passion and love for this plant.

Tradition & Passion in the Highlands of Mexico

tequila don weber - Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico Premium 100% Blue Agave Natural Tequila Producers.

Tequila Don Weber